Management consulting

Business profile

Industry research

Based on the analysis of the macro environment, the industry research focuses on sorting out the overall industry chain, analyzing the competition landscape of each link of the industry value chain, clarifying the distribution of the value chain and judging the future development trend of the industry.

Market Strategy

Market strategy formulation is conducted based on a deep understanding of the characteristics of the industry and the objective judgment of the development trend in order to help clients to find opportunities to enter new markets and/or expand business coverage in existing markets

Competitor/Consumer Insight

Competitor and consumer insight is a set of research contents that are systematically sorted out based on current situation of competitors or consumers by studying theirs business characteristics through scientific research methodologies to help clients better and more comprehensively understand the business attributes of themselves, competitors and partners

Management consulting

Management consulting is positioned to help clients systematically carry out strategic planning with sustainable development capability by forming a complete set of management system and obtaining necessary resources. Its purpose is to assist clients to keep competitive advantage in the fierce market competition environment for long time and through the efficient and low cost management model to achieve sustainable development goal.

Investment and M&A

Investment and M&A services: Based on deep professional and networking resources in the advantageous industries of YIMR for more than 10 years of accumulations, YIMR can provide enterprises with full coverage of investment-related services from investment and M&A strategy design, investment and M&A target sourcing, due diligence to post M& A integration and transformation, in order to boost company values.

Financial advisory services (FA)

YIMR deeply understands the financing needs of enterprises at different stages of development and has established good relations with many well-known investors or investment institutions. We can provide flexible financing from equity to creditor's rights for real estate, manufacturing and other industries, including land acquisition financing, VC, fixed capital increase and other services, and assist in the design of transaction structure.
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