Machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment

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Machinery and equipment

We have rich project experience in pumps, valves, fans, compressors, reducers, elevators and other general machineries and their downstream applications
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(1) General machinery

We have rich project experience in pumps, valves, fans, compressors, reducers, elevators and other general machineries and their downstream applications, which includes but not limited to:

1) Application and market size study of end suction pump in commercial building, municipal water, agricultural irrigation, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, electronics, shipbuilding, energy, district heating and other fields.

2) Application status and future trend of water pump and valve in data center

3) Cryogenic valve in oil and gas, marine, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and air separation field application and market size research.

4) Application and market scale research of fan in thermal power generation, municipal sewage treatment, highway/railway/metro tunnel, enterprise sewage treatment plant.

5) Air compressor and process gas compressor in oil refining, methanol, ethylene, coal chemical industry, natural gas, chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical, food, textile, automotive, electronics, shipbuilding, steel and other fields of application and market size research

6) The application and market size research of reducer in wind power generation, coal mill, beverage/wine and other fields.

7) Others include: airport elevator, wheelchair elevator, elevator maintenance, elevator installation market size and trend research, printing equipment motor, electric vehicle drive motor and other market size and trend research.





(2) Analytical instruments, testing machines and non-destructive testing equipment

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), gel chromatography, thin layer chromatography, mass spectrometry (LC - MS and GC - MS), spectrometer, industrial CT, X-ray machine industry, the helium mass spectrometer leak detector, the physical and chemical analyzer and instrument for nondestructive testing are our main research and consulting fields in the past 10 years, Our project experience includes but not limited to:

1) Research on the application status and trend of analytical instruments in cell industry, biomedicine, identification of Chinese medicinal materials, third-party testing, clinical testing, physical examination center, third-party medical laboratory and other fields.

2) Prospective research on the application of emerging technologies such as in-situ ionization technology, big data technology and VR technology in the analytical instrument industry etc.

3) Research on the application status and trend of electronic universal testing machine, static testing machine, dynamic fatigue testing machine, balance testing machine in metal, automotive parts, petrochemical, aerospace, universities and research institutes, medical, plastic, composite materials and other fields. 

4) Research on the application status and trend of non-destructive flaw detector in steel, non-ferrous metals, jewelry, mineral exploration and mining, environmental analysis, waste metal recovery, automotive, electronics, semiconductors and other fields.





(3) Other mechanical equipment

Other mechanical equipment project cases include industry research of CNC machine tools, cutting machines, shield tunneling machines, aerial vehicles, excavators, concrete machinery, ice machines, small code printers, mixers, airport equipment etc.


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